Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Konnichiwa! All in a day, the Japanese Way!

This was something totally out of the blues... I had never in life thought/known/dreamt that one fine day I'd be painting Japanese Cherry Blossoms... certainly the beginner of Beginners on this art, yet so thrilled to share the outcome of my effort!

Why & how I came to paint a Cherry Blossom? Well, the story unfolds tomorrow...because its all for a beautiful reason... 

For now, am too excited that I learnt & made a Japanese Cherry Blossom - all in one day. I think I'm going to go overboard with it now... Paint it Pink!

(Please excuse if it does not seem anywhere close to being a Japanese Cherry Blossom!!! As I said, I've just begun :) )

Love n Hugs!

Completely Handmade

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