Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gift a Handmade...Forever!

Its been wonderful! So much to gift, so, So much to make, so, So much to create, so, So much of Joy!

Gifting is such a wonderful gesture. Whether its a birthday, festival or just casual affectionate gesture... gifting is always a pleasure (wow, that rhymed...!). And as I have always said, handmade gifts are the most beautiful gifts you can ever give! Ever since I have re-found my blissful passion (read:quitting full time job!) I have discovered the joy of making stuff for gifting purposes. And its always been so fulfilling!

Here are some of the Handmade Gifts that were sent off to loved ones for Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights!). 

If you need info regarding their price/dimensions/custom orders - please mail me at the address in my Contact section.
Most of this would be listed in Etsy... However, for India pricing & purchase, please mail me! :)

 Sunshine Cushion Covers (16x16") - A set of 6  

Khadi Toys  & Fur Puppets
White Gold Home Decor Range - Cushion Covers (12x12"), Copper Table Runner (6ft), Tote Bag & Toy Basket
Gift stack, ready to be sent away!

And a celebration pic with my lovely Hubby & our little apple pie!

Wish you all a great holiday - share love, joy & immense happiness!
Love & Hugs! xo

Completely Handmade

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