Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kimono, Cherry Blossoms & Surprises!

So this was the little surprise! My daughter's Fancy Dress competition at school... for which (again surprisingly) I managed to design & make a perfect Kimono! Wow... I had earlier attempted making a dress for her... seemed more like a pull string bag! Yup, now it does serve the purpose too! lol... so Kimono was still a decent outcome...

I shared the Japanese Cherry blossoms last night... hmm, again a surprise for me because I made it - finally!

But the biggest surprise (read SHOCK!) I got was my daughter falling ill,just after I finished blogging about the surprise! The famous / infamous ear pain shockingly surprised us & of course, ruined the night/day! So all the preparations of dressing her up as a Japanese doll went straight to the bin - Kimono, Bun, Accessories, Fan & how to say 'Hello' in Japanese!

Thankfully I had taken a pic while trying out the stuff... 
And even though I was disheartened, her health was of utmost priority...and so had to be happy with the old saying, 'Its all for the best!'

Would be sharing the Kimono pattern soon! Its super easy & can be made in just an hour!

Love n Hugs!

Completely Handmade

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