Monday, May 27, 2013

My First Handmade Fabric Baskets

Yay! I've finally made two! Baskets that is...

I am madly in love with baskets...of all kinds...but Fabric baskets are my favorite and am totally crazy about them!
I love them so much that if I was as tiny as a bug, I'd live all my life in one of those! :)

And till now I have not been able to purchase a sewing machine for myself... well that's purely because of the nomadic lifestyle we follow :) both these baskets are completely hand stitched. 

I have already made one earlier, in burlap & felt... A Tie-Me-Up Basket that can be stored flat when not in use... this too was completely hand stitched.

Fabric baskets are amazing. They can be stacked anywhere, can be made in awesome fabrics and you can literally stuff your world in it!

Well, am pretty happy with the certainly serves my need of organic stylish storage (awesome definition, isn't it?) 

Thinking about getting them to my Etsy shop! ...should I ?

Let me know through your comments if its good to go to Etsy racks :)

Completely Handmade

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  1. I've been wanting to make fabric baskets for awhile! You chose such a great print! I'm currently switching a couple rooms around in my house and will attempt making some myself!


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