Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY Creative Crafts - Paper Creations (Part 2)

This is Part II of DIY with Paper. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed creating wonderful things out of paper. Do share with us, your wonderful paper creations. Its lovely to know that someone, somewhere 'did' try a DIY I posted! :)
Okay, if you've tried something out of the previous DIY post (Paper Creations Part-1), you would be having numerous ideas already. I have some of them and would love to share with you.

Little girls love playing with their kitchen sets. Designing their grocery on paper and coloring it (just as the original) would be exciting not only for them but also for you (as a Mom)... You could create Coke cans, Milk tetra packs, Chocolates & so on.... Although the product would be one dimensional, it is something you can recreate, even if kids lose a piece or it tears. I tried making a few fruits, veggies, noodles, Coke etc for my daughter. And she loved cooking them! :)

There is no end to what you can design and color... And the best part is, all this can be recreated at no cost!

Alright, now let's get onto the next idea!

Its fun to teach your child to start a diary (by age 4 or 5)... so they could pen down some fun things they did at that age... or maybe just have a little scrapbook to note something they saw or liked... And yes, you don't have to get them flashy stickers or exotic stationary to decorate their diary/journal/scrapbook...

Let them design what they want to stick on a page... For example, your son  would be excited to spot a green caterpillar or ladybird ! Make that a special moment. design it, color it, cut it and paste it on a page which says '04-02-12: Saw a caterpillar, found it cute' ! And many such exciting moments that kids come across. 

These are tiny & look gorgeous on a scrapbook etc. Please do not create such tiny things if your kid is aged between 1 to 3 years. 

The next part would host a few more exciting things we can create out of card paper. If you have tried it, do share. I would love to read what you have to say! 

Have fun!

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