Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Creative Crafts - Paper Creations (Part 3)

So did you have fun making those little scrapbook stickers or some wonderful veggies and fruits? Did you create something even more exciting? I would love to hear from you, please share your wonderful creations!
Here's another addition to the amazing list of creations I shared earlier. We (I & my daughter) made a little bunting. I wanted to accentuate a certain place in my room that had her pics and I thought it would be a good idea to include a little bunting with her name. 

1) Take the cardboard box (as I mentioned in earlier posts) and draw the letters you wish to create a bunting with. Carefully cut them and then paint with colors of your choice (watercolors, crayons or acrylic). I used watercolors  as its easy for my daughter to use them.

2) Then use the tiny stickers I mentioned in the IInd part. Attach them to various alphabets. You could use a theme or just create some random cute little stick-ons. 

3) Now take a string and attach those gorgeous letters with some tape on the back. Well, next? You're ready to hang a lovely little alphabet bunting! Try many more fun words like 'Love', 'Girl', 'Boy' etc. 
So this was a lot of fun with some scrap of card paper that would have been thrown away. But with a little creativity, it has turned into so many lovely little creations. Isn't that amazing. And the best thing is, that it can keep your child engrossed for quite sometime!

Drop in your comments, I'd love to know what all you tried! Share the fun :)

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