Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY Creative Crafts - Paper Creations (Part 1)

Thinking of how to engage kids into something creative this summer? Kids are a curious lot and need to use their burst of energy into something constructive, otherwise of course they have a lot of stuff (your precious decor) in the house to toy around!

Okay,so let's get started.

Let us begin with cardboard paper. Take a cookie/cereal box or any other such packaging box. We all have a number of them. Firstly it helps us re-use something that would anyway go waste (help your child learn to be Environment friendly). Secondly, you don't have to plan or run around to get any stationery for such crafts, so you can start off instantly. Thirdly, paper crafts (for that matter anything thats kids play with) last only for a few days, so you don't need expensive paper.

1) You need:  Cardboard paper (re-use a packaging or just get some sheets), colors (I chose pencil colors, as its easy for my kid to use them!), Scissors, Tape, String or Imitation chain.

2) Cut out 3x3 inch squares. You or your kid can draw their favorite things like animals, characters, animals etc.

3) Cut out neatly, the shapes or characters you've drawn. If your kid is old enough to use scissors, let him/her do it.

4) Color them! I highlighted the outline with a black fountain pen.

5) Cut out 1.5 inch piece of string, loop it & stick it on the backside of your cut out.

5) String it! You're ready to wear your new pendant.

5) Or just attach a safety pin with some tape to create a pretty brooch...!

5) Okay little girl, you're ready for your doll party! And hey! boys can have fun too... attach a car, ball or animal brooch on the cap...

Enjoy!, A lot more coming up... Let me know if you tried this!

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  1. What a fun summer idea...thanks for sharing it! And what cuties helping you out!


    1. Hey Kim! Thank you for your lovely comment... :)


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