Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Season of Joy!


I've been on a holiday for the past two weeks...this is my last week, in Bangkok! Its been so much fun and joy to be in a country that's full of life! So much buzz, excitement & liveliness... its hard to not become a part of it every single day!

While trying to breath in every second of the excitement out here I've been working on my daughter's birthday preps too... While they may not be on the desired scale as we'd be in Bangkok on 8th December 2013... I'm surely trying to work out things that I'd need to host the birthday once we reach back home!

My most favorite month of the year (if I could, I'd have 12 Decembers in a year!) has begun & am already feeling the warm spirit of Christmas... decor in malls & shops are already jingling with beautiful greens, reds & whites! When I get back home, I have to forget how exhausted I am and get straight to decorating - gorgeous lights & my very own Handmade Christmas Ornaments... And bringing out all my Handmade Christmas goodies - Bookmarks, Baskets & Buntings! :)

And last but certainly not the least, the countdown to the New Year! Its the most wonderful day of the year... bidding adieu to the year you lived off well & bringing in the new one... full of hopes, joys, excitement, magic & surprises! 

So that's about the terrific excitement building up within my heart and around me... Not sure if I would indulge into making anything new till the new year... but creativity knows no time or bounds...when it has to take shape, it will. 

So my lovely people, wishing you so much Joy, Love, Happiness and Magic all through this wonderful month and the year ahead... Keep your love coming in... its what keeps me going.

Tonnes of Love & Hugs!

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