Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tis the time to be Happy!

Its festive time all across the world... with every country celebrating some or the other festival every other week & month... I love the varied cultural festivities that take place all around the world... Specially in countries like India & China, festivals begin right from the month of June and extend up to February /March.... there are numerous little things that get celebrated during these months... all owing to their deep rooted traditions and the diversity of people of the two great Asian Giants!

Well, festivities bring along a wonderful spirit of gifting... the joy of giving and receiving gifts from loved ones... While people are now exposed to an amazing and overflowing resource of gifting ideas and options, the desire of gifting something special is always there. We all would love getting gifts that are not just special, but also customized to suit our needs or choices. 

I think Handmade gifts are the nicest gifts. Not only do they add a special personal touch, they are something you don't find in millions in your neighborhood market! And when you make something so special, you add extra effort, love and care, thereby infusing an amazing amount of energy into that creation! 

All this month, I've been super busy creating a few gifts... a few gift tags & gift papers... This month also brings in my Hubby's birthday, so that is the biggest and most personalized project to work on ... I love surprises & I absolutely love giving surprises... so the element of (gifting) surprise is what gives me the energy to go and make these wonderful creations, all infused with my love and care! 

Before I start uploading my series of handmade gifts, I'd love to share some Gift Tags & Gift wrap Papers I created for you! Just print* and create... no last minute panic... :)

*Use a card stock paper for gift tags.

Download Gift Tags Here!


Download Gift Papers Here: (Click on the Caption of images to get their original resolution)

Four Square


Single Jingle

Do share pics if you loved wrapping your gifts in the designs above!
Have a lovely festive season... 

Love xx :)

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