Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dear Hubby, Happy Handmade Birthday! ;)

The month of October brings in many joys... some Indian festivals (loaded with prayers, sweets & desserts, traditional attires & lots of excitement!), my Father's birthday & my Hubby's birthday! 
This year (like last year) I wanted to gift my Hubby something special... something that he would not have had previously and would have it just for himself... So I went ahead with creating these... 

1) A poster with his initial letter 'A' & words defining him.

2) Birthday Notes 
Tried various fonts here, I guess it worked wonders! :)

Originally planned to get my daughter to color these animals,
but I guess its readable this way! lol!

3) A Coffee Mug printed with a collage of his pics...

Its a wonderful feeling... to make, gift and then see the expressions!

Love & Hugs!

Completely Handmade

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