Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Themed Birthday Party Decors

I love themes, probably for everything. If I could, I'd theme every single day of the week!!!... Okay, my theme mania is not that obnoxious either! :) ... I theme-up events, most of the times & never clothes!

Just that I really love throwing a themed birthday party for my daughter Aanya. Last year (Dec 2012) it was Fairy themed. I lovingly created two Fairy buntings & a Fairy cake topper bunting. Its now listed on my Etsy Shop! (Too bad that her first two birthdays were themeless!!! Can't imagine how I let that happen...But such are the first two years of Mommy-hood!)

This year I created a Cupboard Storyboard for Aanya based on the lovely story of Red Riding Hood. And then I went about creating a bunting as well, on the same story. So I now already have another theme ready. If she wants it this year, well n good. If not, well, I can use it in the coming years! Meanwhile the Red Riding Hood bunting is listed on my Etsy Shop! If you're planning a themed birthday party & it is Red Riding Hood, well, your decor is already sorted! :)

Many more themed birthday buntings in the making. Do let me know if you'd like me to make a bunting as per your theme. And yes, the Cake topper bunting can certainly be added along!

The best thing about my buntings is that they can be fabulously used as Nursery decor or as Kids room decor!

Cupboard Story Board

Okay, it looks more like a fox (orange color) But creativity has its own freedom, isn't it? :)

Looks like an Army of Fairies!

How long before I can cut my cake and have it too????

Completely Handmade

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