Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY Creative Crafts - Handmade Paper Baskets

This time my love for baskets has given me a DIY! While handmade fabric baskets are really chic and give that very 'cotton rich' look, handmade paper baskets are equally good for storage of light weight stuff~ craft supplies, kiddie accessories like clips or napkins etc.

The stuff that's required is depicted in pictures...pretty easy to find at home, anytime. This DIY like my previous DIYs uses cereal boxes or any other packaging that will be put to a glorious use instead of making its way to the bin!

You could use a sturdy cardboard in case you want to make large sized paper basket. That could be used as basket for soft toys or just about anything you wish to dunk & dump!

1) Cut out two circular pieces (any size that you want)

2) Next, cut out two circular pieces from the Scrap Paper sheet. However, do not cut out the same size. You need to keep at least half an inch extra all along the diameter. Then neatly stick the cardboard piece onto the scrap paper cut out. Leave it to dry for a few minutes. Once dry, make small (about 1 cm fringes along the diameter of scrap paper. The paper will stick neatly onto the dia, otherwise it forms pointy edges.

 3) Apply glue around the rim of the cardboard piece & neatly fold in the fringed scrap paper. Now the base pieces are done. Next, cut out a strip long enough to cover the dia of the circular pieces (with an extra 2 inch length). You can choose what width you want. Cut out scrap paper by allowing for double the width plus 2 inches. (For example, if you choose to have a width of 2 inches then cut out scrap paper with a width of (2+2+2). The extra 2 inches will be used for sticking the bases. The length of the scrap paper should be as long as the cut out.

 4) Now fold your scrap paper into half (lengthwise). Insert the long strip of cardboard. Apply glue on one side & stick the scrap paper. Let it dry. Once dry,keeping the glued side on the outside join both the ends of the strip by inserting one end inside the other. Now seal the end by applying glue. Hold it for a while to allow the ends to stick firmly. 

5) Once dry, make fringes to the extra 1 inch paper that is left out. Neatly fold it in. Then apply glue to the base of one of the circular piece. Set the fringed portion onto the base & press firmly. Once done, apply glue on the inside of the fringed portion (as shown in pic) & quickly set the other base firmly onto it. Press firmly with hands to allow both the bases to stick together with the fringed portion. 

6) The paper basket is ready to use! Yet another Organic Stylish Storage I love so much! {coined the term when I made my first fabric basket :) ! }

They can be used as a little return gift basket for your kid's birthday party or just a sweet little Easter Basket! (Attach handles on the sides by stapling & a sticker).

If you try this, do share your creations & links! I'd love to hear from you!

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