Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY Creative Crafts - Stick-On Art for Kids

A new week begins! Hope you had an awesome weekend! 
While week long the kids are engrossed with their school & studies, weekends are what all of us end up with in order to catch up with many more activities. However, you can get creative even during the week & get your child to make something creative - which will not only provide a creative escape from studies & their homework but also help your child learn to create on their own.

This is a very simple DIY... all you'd need are listed here:
1) Glazed Color Paper sheets (all colors)
2) Scissors
3) A Blank Paper Sheet
4) Glue
5) Stickers (Optional)
6) Water Color / Crayons / Poster Colors

Now for the craft:
Choose a theme along with your child. Let them think about what they would like to create. Suppose you choose a little garden. Depending on how young you child is, you could help them out with cutting different shapes - flowers, leaves, clouds, butterflies etc. (Take a glazed color paper sheet & fold it many times, till you get the size in which you want the shapes to be cut. This makes it easier to get many shapes of the same color, all at once!). Use crayons or other colors to create effects around clouds, house etc. 

(This is a creation by my 3 year old daughter & I cherish it!)

Now help them stick these cut outs according to the theme & create a masterpiece you'd love to frame and hang in their room!

There are so many themes you could create: Aqua, Garden, Village, City, Forest, Animals, Family etc. 
Alternatively, you could select a few stickers that can be used according to the theme. For example, you could create a 'Countryside with Humpty Dumpty'!

This is easy, creative & artistic - helping your child learn & enjoy!

Share what your child creates...I'd love to know you tried my DIY! 
Love & Hugs! :)

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