Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why I create?

Just came across this lovely link -
Of course, I did contribute to it! ... it felt good, sharing my thoughts on "Why I create' with many other amazing creators!
Handmadeology - So glad I came across your link! :)
Here's my comment:
I create because ‘Creating’ is like breathing and feeling alive! There is so much beauty to capture & instill into my creations that a day of 24 hours seems too less!
I create because ‘Creating’ is like shaping up a new baby every single day – pampering it with materials you love, crafting it out with stitches or brush strokes and finally marveling at its final look! The adrenaline rush I get from creating a beautiful piece of art or craft work is indescribable…
And finally , I create because in this ‘one’ life, I wish to enliven all those lovely thoughts & ideas that flood my mind & heart! <3

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