Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Celebrate a 'Themed' Birthday with Sunshine & Dewdrops Birthday Kits!


Today I will pen down a detailed post about How to celebrate a 'Themed' Birthday Party with Sunshine & Dewdrops Birthday KitsMaking your job of celebrating a great birthday easier!

1) Choose from an array of Birthday Themes - The one that you or your little one wants. Or select one from our many themes:
2) Get the Birthday Party Printable Kit designed by Sunshine & Dewdrops. There is always a scope for Customization! Whether its a theme that you select or pick one from our list! Mail me or shop from my Etsy shop!
3) You get 10 Amazing Birthday Decor Items as part of the kit!
4) The Birthday Printable Kit will be sent to you via Email as a PDF file.
5) The following rates apply (INR & Dollars)
6) Print it at your end at a Photo Shop or Local Printing Shop (as per instructions in the PDF) or get it printed from us (only India).
7) Pay via Paypal or via Account number provided.
8) Decorate 
9) Click & share with us & give a feedback (Optional :) )
10) Celebrate!

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