Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Idea of a Beautiful Home

Home is where Heart is. How true is that!

We all create a comfortable space for ourselves in that one place which we call 'Home'. We make it, keep it, adorn it and love it. Its almost like our second soul. I love a beautiful home - one which has everything I love - just the way I love them! Often in my effort to give a new look to my space, I try and lookout for things that will make my home just so very 'me'! I'm in love with all things 'Rustic' and love home decor items that reflect it.
Fields of Blue is one such site I happened to visit. Whether its Kitchen, Dining or Living Room - Fields of Blue has everything to cater to my rustic needs! 

I love an organized, neatly spaced kitchen. For me its the space I occupy at least 60% of the time in a day. So it ought to be beautiful - just like an Italian Cafe? Yes.

Their Kitchen section is just gorgeous. The Kitchen Memo & Chalkboards, Cake Tin & Stands, Ceramic Jugs, Bowls & Plates are just few of the many items that add functionality and beauty to the kitchen!

I've always loved a formal settings for dining room. Cutlery, Lighting, Clocks, Tableware - everything should suit the settings, just as one likes it. And while I speak of dining, at Fields of Blue, there's something to suit everyone's taste!
Living room to me is like a canvas. You create it gently - blending colors, defining the beauty, giving shape. And finally creating a masterpiece! A living room is defined by its decor. Rugs, Family Photo Frames, Lights, Art Frames, Cushions - all define the comfortable space we hang around in most of the times. At Fields of Blue, I found my style of decor for living room too!

Fields of Blue is wholesome - from contemporary to traditional, it has something for everyone. I'm glad to find my style. Have you found yours?

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