Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Handmade Toys

Ever since I have begun making toys for my little girl...somehow it has become difficult to appreciate toys (particularly dolls & softies) available in the shops... Most of them all look the same, feel quite plastic and don't have that pure innocence... 

I remember playing with some crocheted dolls when I was just about three... Of course at that time I had the pleasure of playing with toys that were 'Made in Japan' label. Most of them were unique & often you'd not find the same piece (unlike now wherein you have thousands of those clones!). I loved my baby doll (she would cry and had a little pacifier in her mouth), LEGO land & many of those softies which were so adorable and had something or the other to keep me busy (I had this little boy whose neck would twist and turn on winding the key on his back. So adorable. I can still play with it for hours!) 

Now, when I buy toys for my little one, its not the same feeling. Me being a soft toy hoarder (I have all my soft toys kept safely in my Mom's house), I don't feel like buying them anymore. Instead, its a joy to create something with my own hands, something that will be unique, something that she will cherish for years, something that I will be proud of, something that will be made with immense love & care. 

A little collage of my softies that I've made till now... and planned many more :) 
I don't know where I will stock so many of them, but all I know is that I want to go on making many of them as long as I can! :)

And to end this post, I just came up with a long and lovely statement about Handmade creations:
Handmade is all about cherishing & enjoying a unique and pure creation made with immense Love, Care & Joy...

Agree? :)

Completely Handmade

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