Thursday, August 9, 2012

Find Fun on Fridays

TGIF! - the most awaited, celebrated and rejoiced day of the entire week! And here it is ... ushering in a fun filled weekend...yet again! 
This is my second 'Find Fun on Fridays' post and I already have quite a few blogs to list... 

But today am going to list a very special creative blog: 

This blog is special in many ways. 

I really admire Vicky for all her creative pursuits and endurance - all through her minor and major injuries ...

(you'll know why she's named her blog that way! ... :) )

Her creations are really diverse and adorable - clothing, cards, buntings, art and much more!

And of course, last but not the least - she is adventurous with her creativity, taking up various collaborative & creative projects!

Now lest I dampen your curiosity by saying everything, I guess you should visit it and find out the beautiful world of Accidental Vix - Where creativity isn't an accident! :)

Enjoy this fun filled indulgence! :) 
Happy Weekend 

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