Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Love Owl from ♥ LoveJungle♥ Series

Hooo Ooo Ooo... 
Here's a little LuvOwl... And he is special ! 
I wanted to include a little owl in my ♥ LoveJungle♥ Series for quite sometime...but could not find enough time to make one...
And Voila! My little secret wish was granted today! And How!

I came across a lovely Owl Pattern trial from jenaissancedesign.blogspot.com

The beautiful creations (Embroidery Art, Patterns & more) on this blog had got me hooked a few months back... and today I am really glad to have created this little softy from Jennaisance's pattern. 

Thank you Jen :)
So here's my little Owl and he now belongs to my ♥ LoveJungle♥ Series! :)

Completely Handmade in Felt

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