Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mock Pantry from PaperLuv Series

This is one of those impromptu craft creations that I make for my little angel! My daughter! <3

Now that she has begun playing with her dolls & Mingey (Mickey Mouse) and keeps offering them food... I thought of making a mock Pantry. And am glad she liked her little mock pantry!

A collection of fruits, veggies & snacks! 

Made from Paper & Pencil Colors.
Safe to play, easy to keep & eco-friendly!
I'd like to call it MockPantry from my PaperLuv Series.

Wondering if I could take this one level up and make it into an Etsy listing... obviously with more detailing! :) ...

Would be a nice option for little girls who like to own their little kitchen!

Opinions? :)

Completely Handmade

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